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I put on a mask
and pretend like I care
but why should I even pretend
when there's nobody there
now I lurk in the shadows,
the shadows of disgrace
I run, fast, far away
from society
to hide my face
because it is scarred, beaten
disfigured and frightening
I am a freakshow
a wonderer, a bum
I live off others, steal from some
this is who I am
but why? how?
both logical questions
questions I can't answer
some day I'll figure it out
but not today, and not without a little help
:iconfunky-g:Funky-G 1 13
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Look Harder
A tree is planted amoungst many others with hope to thrive in a majectic garden.  The garden is full of beautiful vegetation that makes it glow in the eyes of onlookers.  Sadly, the tree does not grow.  It feels crowded and doesn't get enough sunlight because of the other plants.  It becomes week, fragile, and sad.  It feels like it needs more, needs to get out to a new garden where it can have more space to grow and flourish.
Finally, one day the tree gets its wish.  It moves to a new place with new surroundings.  A place where it has room to grow, room to survive and grow happy.  The trees additude towards life changes completely.  Not it is happy, joyed all the time but, it realizes that all the vegetation around it before are its friends.  Trees, and plants that loved it and cared for the small tree.  It thinks that even if it wasn't happy it still had a good life to grow t
:iconfunky-g:Funky-G 1 6
Lost but not forgotten
I wish I could have seen you
before you left on that
cold winter day.  It's not fair what happened.
Why does this happen to good people? Why does it always
work out that way?
You had so much going for you that were
just taken away
including sports, school, and social life
Life...the biggest thing robbed
the most important and best of them all
removed in an instant
stolen, and never returned
I miss you every day
you were...are special, still
because you had an impact on
us all, on everybody
but, I never did tell you
I love you, and I tried
to, but didn't.  I'm sorry, so sorry
I should have spoken up
but didn't
Forever you will remain in
my heart, in a place reserved for you
in a place, where there are few
So live on, from a better place
watch over us
help us along
and show us the way
:iconfunky-g:Funky-G 1 12
Not for Comedians
What is wrong with me?  Why do I constantly keep doing this?  Why do I not think before I speak or realize the pain I could cause?  I have a problem that I need to deal with.  Why can't I just say, "ya, that's great" or "I'm so happy for you" instead of blurting the first thing that comes to mind?  I am an asshole, I deserve to be punished, for my actions cause nothing but pain.  Pain, pain to others, and pain to me.  Although I feel sorry, I don't think I can ever forgive myself for the pain I cause to others.  With every little incident I shovel away a load of dirt from the six-foot hole I am creating for myself.  I am a bad person and I don't deserve to have great people who care about me.  They deserve somebody who can treat them better.  I suck, and as much as I think I am a comedian, I am not.  I am just an asshole.
:iconfunky-g:Funky-G 0 5
Bright lights and disco balls
beam and spin in disco halls
funk music surrounds the room
and waits for the crowd to go, "BOOM!"
anything the people will arrive
so the DJ readies Aretha Franklins, "I will survive"
Dance and groove the people will
on the lit up dance floor, hot as a grill
they point and stare at the giant ball
above the floor, they hope it doesn't fall
but that doesn't matter, they groove away
dance and get jiggy into early next day
Some have afro's, some use Nair
it doesn't matter though, because they all have flair
a few black, a few white, some peurtorican, and a few jamiacan
they are all the same because they can
dance, dance through the night
:iconfunky-g:Funky-G 0 13
It Ain't What It Used To Be
I can't see how things got this way
Everybody used to be happy and act sane
But now everybody cries about the past
Trying to change it, but it brings too much pain
'Cause life is like a dark calm night
Not peaceful and relaxing
But cold and depressing
Many theories I have
About how life can change
And these I have told to others
But they would rather act deranged
So to hell with it I say, can't do this anymore
Life seems to be changing
But I look at others and say
:iconfunky-g:Funky-G 1 19
Ask yourself one question, do you
know what Love is?  Do you know
how it feels, smells, tastes?
Could you describe it to somebody
who has no idea what Love feels
like?  Could you tell your
special somebody that you Love them?  Or
tell them why you don't?
Have you ever been in Love?
If not, how come?  Are you scared to be in Love?
What would you do if somebody said, "I Love you"?
Could you accept it, or
would you brush it off like dandruff?
Ask yourselves these questions.  How is your Love life,
and where do you stand on the Love mountain?
:iconfunky-g:Funky-G 2 7
Everyday I want to quit
unlace my shoes and yell
Yelling, screaming
at eachother
makes me wonder
why bother?
Deal with the abuse
from guys on the team
yet people tell me
it's not as bad as it seems
I love to play
so play hard I wil
run circles around them
as they stand still
Because this sport is my life
as other may find
but when this shit happens
it hurts inside
:iconfunky-g:Funky-G 0 2
After the.....
After an exam
is the hardest part
as you sit and wait
for your shitty mark
Pondering how you did
on a chemistry test
wondering, wondering
is yours the best?
Soon it will come
so don't worry
when you get your mark
and then escape
:iconfunky-g:Funky-G 0 0
begging, crying, dying
every fucking girl hurts inside
just kiss, love me
never once parting
questions render secrets
today; undone, valient when x-ed
you're zero
:iconfunky-g:Funky-G 0 1
Bat-girl by Funky-G Bat-girl :iconfunky-g:Funky-G 0 4


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Artist | Literature
Current Residence: Saskatchewan
Favourite genre of music: Anything funky!!
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Wallpaper of choice: Stacey Keibler all the way....HOTTIE!!!
Favourite cartoon character: Roger the alien from American Dad
Personal Quote: If all else fails...GET FUNKIFIED!!
This will be the last thing I publish on this god-forsaken site.  I never put up a deviation so therefor it is a waist of my time and I never publish and journal nor do I rarely comment on anything.

Goodbye deviant art, you have done nothing but waist everybodies time.


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